Friday, September 26, 2008

Geneva Switzerland hotels provide stunning view of the lake and streams.

Last week, I returned from my Swiss trip and truly it was an alluring experience. The breathtaking sceneries of high peaks and alpine beauty were awesome. The panoramic view of the mount Pilatus has a capability to amuse everyone. The prominent water bodies of the country are river Rhine, Ticino and Inn. There are few streams and lakes as well like Lake Geneva, Lake Maggiore, Lake of Neuchatel and Lake of Lucerene which provides aesthetic sensational pleasure to the travelers. Most of the Geneva Switzerland hotels provide stunning view of the lake and streams.

Almost all sorts of hotels in Switzerland are now available on the premier online hotel booking websites. These hotels are available in verities of ranges like cheap budget hotels to luxury five star hotels. These hotels may offer numerous lucrative packages and deals. Special discount may be offered to students and senior citizens.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheap Zurich hotels are few mouse clicks away

Zurich site from the bank of Limmat River was simply alluring experience. It will remain in my memory forever. The city is main commercial and cultural center of Switzerland however Bern is country capital. Multi faced cultural events, electrifying nightlife, extravagant shopping centers and old town streets have capability to induce all sorts of travelers. The city has reputedly marked its presence amongst world’s top art cities along with New York, London and Berlin. As a visitor, one must visit the Rämistrasse "art mile". Perhaps, without visiting this place; one can not assume the trip accomplished. The Rhine falls are another must see site in the Zurich. Presence of cheap Zurich hotels in the leading tourism spots makes the trip more memorable. Nowadays, almost all sorts of Zurich hotels have special tie-up with foremost online hotel booking websites and hence visitors have several lucrative package sand deals on their mouse click.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Geneva Hotels in Switzerland

Geneva hotels in switzerland are the perfect spots where you can have eternal peace of mind, body and soul. After Red Cross Society that was founded in 1864, Geneva was the first choice of many an international organizations for their stay and of their meeting point of view. World Health Organization (WHO) and European Centre for Particle Physics (CERN) have established their headquarters here and added to its recognition. The location of hotels in Geneva is so fine that you hardly face any problem in reaching attraction of the city. These travelers not only enjoy the city but the hotels there such as AM Zoo hotel which provides quality services, which makes you feel much happier. The Geneva hotels is a specially designed hotel with a calm and friendly atmosphere. provides you the best accomodation all over the world for your comfortable stay in Geneva Hotels with world class amenities.